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Through its unique connection to the world of work, IESD Web Group, LLC offers students a powerful, authentic education and direction into their future career or continued education. Through hands-on experience, mastery by doing, learning in context, and connections with mentors, IESD Web Group, LLC engages students in learning essential skills in an applied venue.

IESD Web Group, LLC provides consulting, training, and publication services for the next-generation student and career-force through one seamless experience.

Flexible, adaptable CTE systems

15+ Courses

Increase the quality and quantity of skilled teachers.

40+ Locations

Bringing Innovation Forward

With a solid career-skill foundation, our CTE Programs offer options for part-time, well-paid, career-ladder employment during postsecondary training and education.

Working with Schools, Businesses and Non-profits

Technical Skills are the future.
Engaging students to learning essential skills for application in workforce or continued education.
Innovation. Is Key.
We are always adjusting our content and eliminating distracting elements,
so the student can focusing on what matters most.